Our Lincoln auto repair technicians are:

  • ASE-certified

  • Skilled in foriegn and domestic repairs

  • Proficient in applied automotive computer analysis

  • Trained to Focus on the words spoken by the customer

  • Committed to placing customer's needs ahead of personal interests

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Customer concerns are more important than the quick sell of new tires, motor mounts or slightly worn brake pads.

Discover Quality Lincoln Auto Repair At Lamb's Automotive Repair with Care.

Lincoln car repair services managers must listen to customer concerns. Our credo is to never miss the primary reason the vehicle was brought in for auto repair in Lincoln. Routine safety checks must never override the fundamental customer purpose for the shop visit, and failure to follow these points merely confuses issue and reduces the effectiveness of value-added auto repair in Lincoln

.At Lamb's Automotive Repair with Care, we respond to stated problems. Customer concerns are more important than the quick sell of new tires, motor mounts or slightly worn brake pads.

​We understand the concept of customer-identified necessities prevailing over optional Lincoln auto repair services. Before performing our basic Lincoln auto repair safety check, we first address your original purpose for bringing your vehicle into our Lincoln car repair center.

Satisfying direct customer needs is the primary reason for the success of our Lincoln car repair service center. Our skilled Lincoln auto repair technicians, and the accompanying support staff, are trained to establish priorities based upon meeting exact customer expectations.

You deserve a Lincoln car repair center that sets the priority to the customer’s best interest. We examine your specific problems, advise you of the possible solutions and help you weigh the importance of any additional issues that you may wish to consider. We are the auto repair in Lincoln that local residents trust for honest repairs, inspections and reports, and we want you to come to trust us, too.

Take this opportunity to learn about our Lincoln auto repair services. We will earn your confidence by delivering to you the best available auto repair in Lincoln, NE.